Rara Unified Design Cover
Rara Design System is in-house design system created to simplify and standardize design and development process for enterprise application components.
Rara Design System doesn’t have any character. Character should be injected from product branding, component setup and layout design
Our Guiding Principles
Simple, Clear and Functional
The products we build are complex. The experience we provide should be simple. In general, follow industry standard. If we do need to create different experience, prioritize simplicity and functionality.
Always keep in mind the scalability of the components we create.
Efficient in code and performance
Prioritize code clarity and performance efficiency.
Colors (non) usage
Colors among other visual language, should be used to convey clear message. Use color with clear intention. In general, use neutral colors to avoid overloading senses.
Accessibility should be maintained across all themes, component design and product design. - Maintain atleast AA accessibility in colors. - Maintain hierarchy amd contrast in type.